Born out of a profound love for faraway places, ethnic materials, and artisanal techniques, CHEZ LES FILLES houses unique objects and artworks inspired by spiritual surroundings. A fondness for the hunt, chase, and capture of the rare and beautiful, results in a distinctive collection nowhere else to be found. Products range from one-of-a-kind vintage furniture pieces collected from flea markets and antique shops during travels to carefully sourced dinnerware and table linens crafted by artisans around the world following age-old, hand-worked techniques with meticulous attention to detail.

Our soulful and bohemian spirit is expressed through a mix of colorful designs, layered textures, intricate prints, and artisanal beadwork. Intended as a place to escape, we hope the multi-colored magic of CHEZ LES FILLES brings you great joy and enriches each space you live in.